Proactive Steps to Take After False Domestic Violence Accusations

In a world where personal relationships can sometimes turn sour, the repercussions of a breakdown can be severe and far-reaching. This is particularly true in cases where one party, feeling scorned or mistreated, chooses to retaliate in damaging ways. A common, yet profoundly serious, manifestation of this is through false accusations of domestic violence. [...]

What to Do If You’re Accused of Possessing a Stolen Item: Understanding Your Defenses

In the age of digital marketplaces like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay, the risk of inadvertently purchasing stolen goods has increased. While these platforms offer a plethora of second-hand items, sometimes these transactions can involve items that are, unbeknownst to the buyer, stolen. This situation can be particularly precarious under Maryland law, where possessing [...]

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Maryland’s Self-Defense Laws and Legal Protections

In Maryland, the laws governing the use of self-defense, especially in cases leading to homicide, are intricate and vary significantly from other states. This guide outlines the criteria for a defense of justifiable self-defense in Maryland and highlights key common law principles applicable in the state. Criteria for Justifiable Self-Defense in Homicide Cases: Perceived [...]

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Understanding Maryland Bail Hearings

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges in Maryland, understanding the bail hearing process can be invaluable. In this article, the team at The Law Offices of McKenzie and Tehrani aims to shed light on what a Maryland bail hearing is, what it entails, and what you can expect. What is [...]

Trespassing Charges and Penalties in Maryland

Trespassing is considered a criminal offense in Maryland, and those accused of this violation can face various penalties, depending on the specific circumstances and nature of the offense. Here is a breakdown of some of the penalties that individuals might face if they are charged with trespassing in Maryland: Real Property Trespass: If someone [...]

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The Role of Mental Health in Criminal Law: Exploring the Insanity Defense

The intersection of mental health and criminal law is a delicate and complex area, which has long been a subject of debate among legal scholars, practitioners, and policymakers. One of the most controversial aspects of this relationship is the use of the insanity defense. The insanity defense, in essence, allows a defendant to avoid [...]

Assaulting a Police Officer in Maryland – Penalties and the Importance of Hiring a Great Criminal Lawyer

Assaulting a police officer in Maryland is a serious criminal offense that comes with severe penalties. It is crucial for anyone facing such charges to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney, such as the attorneys at the Law Offices of McKenzie and Tehrani, to ensure their rights are protected and to navigate the complexities [...]

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Suing a Tenant for Non-Payment in Maryland

Landlords in Maryland have the right to sue tenants who fail to pay rent. However, before filing a lawsuit, landlords should take steps to communicate with their tenants and try to resolve the issue amicably. Here is what landlords should know before suing their tenants for non-payment of rent in Maryland. The first step [...]

What to Expect in a Criminal Trial in Maryland: A Step-by-Step Guide for Defendants

Facing criminal charges in Maryland can be a daunting experience. Understanding the legal process and what to expect during a criminal trial can help alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that comes with being a defendant. This article offers a step-by-step guide for defendants to better understand the criminal trial process in Maryland. [...]

Solicitation of a Prostitute

Have you been charged with solicitation of a prostitute? To understand this charge it’s important to understand how the terms in the statutes are defined. Despite these definitions, determining what is and isn’t prostitution and solicitation of prostitution can often be nebulous and vague, which is why it’s important to use the assistance of [...]

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