Proactive Steps to Take After False Domestic Violence Accusations

In a world where personal relationships can sometimes turn sour, the repercussions of a breakdown can be severe and far-reaching. This is particularly true in cases where one party, feeling scorned or mistreated, chooses to retaliate in damaging ways. A common, yet profoundly serious, manifestation of this is through false accusations of domestic violence. [...]

Understanding the Complexities of a Gray Divorce

When older individuals, often those in long-term marriages, decide to divorce, this scenario is typically known as a gray divorce. Initially, this term was used to describe couples who had been married for forty years or more, assuming that such a lengthy marriage implied an older age and possibly gray hair. However, the definition [...]

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Post-Divorce Checklist for Maryland Residents

Divorce is challenging, both emotionally and legally. While the finalization of a divorce may feel like the end of a long and exhausting journey, there are several crucial steps you need to take post-divorce to ensure a smoother transition into your new life. To help our Maryland clients with this process, the Law Offices [...]

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Division of Assets in Maryland

In Maryland, the division of property and financial accounts is governed by "equitable distribution" laws, which aim for a fair, but not necessarily equal, distribution of assets. Below are some crucial points and tips that anyone going through a divorce in Maryland should know. Marital Property vs. Non-Marital Property Marital Property Any property acquired [...]

Divorcing a Narcissist

Divorce is a painful and complicated process, but when you're separating from a narcissistic spouse, the challenges multiply in unique and unexpected ways. From the emotional minefield of manipulation and gaslighting to the convoluted legal tactics aimed at intimidation, divorcing a narcissist requires not just legal guidance but also emotional fortitude. This article aims [...]

Steps to Take if Your Spouse is Threatening to Take Your Kids Out of the Country

The idea that your spouse might take your children out of the country without your consent is a terrifying thought. Such a situation is complex, emotionally draining, and legally precarious. If you find yourself in this unfortunate position, here are some critical steps you should take immediately to protect your rights and ensure the [...]

Navigating New Horizons: Understanding Maryland’s Transformative 2023 Divorce Laws

At McKenzie & Tehrani, we've been specializing in family law matters for over two decades, providing us with a deep understanding of the nuances and complexities involved. As the Maryland divorce laws undergo this significant overhaul, our seasoned experience becomes even more critical. We are dedicated to staying abreast of legislative shifts to ensure [...]

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Father’s Visitation Rights in Maryland: The Importance of Consistency and Maternal Support

The breakdown of a marriage or relationship can be emotionally taxing for all parties involved. However, the most vulnerable victims of this process are often the children, who may become pawns in disputes between their parents. Maryland's family law system places a strong emphasis on protecting the best interests of the child, and this [...]

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Filing for Divorce First in Maryland: Pros and Cons

Filing for divorce is a significant step in ending a marriage, and it's crucial to understand the implications of being the first party to file for divorce in Maryland. This article aims to provide an overview of the pros and cons associated with filing for divorce first in Maryland, helping individuals make informed decisions [...]

What Is Visitation in Maryland and How Does It Work?

Visitation is an agreement for contact between the child/ren and the parent (or third party) who does not maintain the primary residence for the child. Visitation can be set out in a number of ways including: a flexible visitation schedule; reasonable visitation as determined by the custodial parent; a structured visitation schedule to include [...]

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