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Although your son or daughter may be a minor, if he or she committed a serious crime, his or her case may be prosecuted as if he or she were an adult. Instead of facing juvenile detention or other more benign consequences, your child may face a stiff prison sentence.

We Fight To Protect Your Child’s Future

At the Law Offices of McKenzie & Tehrani we understand that kids make mistakes. That is why we aggressively defend young people and their families against criminal charges and help them avoid a future marred by a criminal record.

In Maryland, certain felonies (murder, rape, etc.) can immediately transfer to adult court. Other felonies, such as certain drug charges, weapons charges or vehicular homicide, can be elevated to adult court at the discretion of the prosecutor.

There are numerous factors that play into how your child’s case will be handled. The severity and circumstances of the incident and your child’s age are among the most important. As your lawyers we can review your case and determine how the prosecution may choose to proceed with the case. Additionally, we can advocate on your child’s behalf to be tried as a youthful offender in Juvenile Court.

Juvenile & Youthful Offender And Sealed Record

Although your child may be tried in adult court for a felony offense, if he or she is tried as a youthful offender or juvenile, he or she will be allotted special protections such as the ability to erase records. If no other felony violations occur by the time your child turns 21, his or her record will be automatically erased.

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