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Everyone knows that prostitution is considered a crime. What is not so apparent is that it is more often the people who solicit prostitutes who are charged with crimes than the prostitutes themselves especially since there are numerous undercover police women acting as prostitutes throughout the Metropolitan Area. Being arrested itself carries negative consequences, even if the charges are not upheld — including irreparable damage to one’s reputation which may affect a career, a marriage and an entire future.

Just being arrested for alleged solicitation of a prostitute may bring unwanted notoriety in places such as Maryland, where the District Courts publicize the names of people charged with this offense online.

Prostitution charges often come down to a disparity between one person’s account and the account of another of a planned sexual encounter — or one which has already occurred. Individuals making contact with each other via Craigslist, Backpage or in public places may differ in their accounts as to whether payment of sex was part of the deal, as opposed to consensual sex followed by a monetary gift.

Prostitution or indecent exposure case

Whatever the circumstances and facts in your prostitution or indecent exposure case, your need for a criminal defense lawyer comes about as soon as you have any indication that you may be charged. The sooner you have an experienced attorney advocating on your behalf, the greater the possibilities are for your case to be resolved favorably:

  • Charges never filed
  • Case dismissed
  • Charges reduced
  • Acquittal on all charges
  • Reduction of penalties
  • No jail time

A conviction for any charge related to prostitution may lead to serious consequences, including an enduring criminal record, sex offender registration and all the negative problems in one’s personal life that accompany a criminal record.

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