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Controversies over immigration command our country’s headlines every day. The fact remains, we are a nation of immigrants and always have been — and the United States remains a beacon of opportunity for all freedom-loving people.

We work hard to make your dreams a reality

If your legal goal is a better life in the U.S. for yourself, or you seek to be reunited with loved ones from overseas, or a business objective is to recruit talented personnel from other countries, McKenzie & Tehrani, LLC., works hard to make your dreams a reality.

Our firm has many years of experience as immigration lawyers to help you and your family obtain legal immigration status. You may be eligible for either family-based or employment-based immigration, depending upon your particular circumstances.

We also represent people facing criminal charges that could affect their immigration status. There are many criminal charges that can cause a person to face deportation if convicted. Every individual’s, family’s or business owner’s immigration legal situation is different. It is critical that you speak with us immediately about your situation before taking action

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