Landlord-Tenant Litigation

Maryland Landlord Tenant Litigation Lawyer

McKenzie & Tehrani has extensive experience in landlord-tenant litigation. If you are a landlord or tenant involved in a dispute that may result in litigation or that has resulted in a complaint filed, we encourage you to contact our law offices immediately.

We have handled thousands of landlord-tenant disputes for clients throughout Maryland. Some of the landlord-tenant litigation we handle includes:

  • Habitability disputes (health/safety)
  • Breach of contract or lease agreements
  • Post-foreclosure eviction and litigation
  • Tenant and Landlord rights
  • Title disputes
  • Condominium conversion disputes
  • Our attorneys handle all civil litigation that arises from the landlord-tenant relationship. If you are a landlord or tenant that is prosecuting or defending a claim, we can help. To contact our law office call 301-209-7024
Tips for Landlords
  • Do more than a simple credit check on your prospective tenants. Check past references, check employment (ask for two months of pay stubs), and check for past evictions.
  • Memorialize all terms and agreements in writing. Consider the number of occupants living in the unit, whether pets are allowed, whether parking is allowed, whether use of an existing garage is allowed, or whether storage lockers are allowed.
  • Take interior and exterior pictures of the premises prior to the tenant moving in.
  • Exclude attorney’s fees clauses from your residential lease agreements, they only serve to help the tenant.
  • Keep your file organized. The more detailed your file is, the better off you are.
  • Do not wait several months before you decide to take action against your tenant. Delaying action may harm your chances at succeeding in an unlawful detainer trial.
  • Contact a lawyer who is familiar with landlord tenant law when ready to start your eviction.
  • Always check to see if your county or local jurisdiction requires a rental license and obtain one before you rent the property.