How Do I Know I’m Being Arrested?

You’re being arrested when a police officer takes you into custody. An officer takes someone into custody whenever the person is not free to leave. Although many people who are arrested are taken to jail, the arrest often begins much earlier. For example, if a person is stopped on suspicion of robbery and questioned [...]

Maryland Cocaine Possession and Penalties

The Maryland Criminal Code says “a person may not possess or administer to another a controlled dangerous substance, unless obtained directly or by prescription or order from an authorized provider acting in the course of professional practice.” In short, you cannot have controlled substances unless you have a prescription, and you cannot give a [...]

Is It Ok to Have Your Phone/Camera Recording if You Get Pulled Over?

In June of 2020, an outside developer came up with a Siri Shortcut that automatically turns on your iPhone’s video camera, mutes your phone and sends a text message with your location to an emergency contact if you get pulled over. Once you’ve installed it, all you have to say is “Siri, I’m getting [...]

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Attorney Joseph McKenzie Answers All of Your Police Brutality Questions

Attorney Joseph McKenzie answers your questions about police brutality. If you feel you have been a victim of police brutality, contact us today. We're here to help. El abogado Joseph McKenzie responde sus preguntas sobre la brutalidad policial. Si siente que ha sido víctima de brutalidad policial, contáctenos hoy. Estamos aquí para ayudar. [...]

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What Is Police Brutality and Is There a Way of Proving It?

Police brutality is such a broad term. Examples can be as simple as placing handcuffs too tightly on a defendant that is 29 years old or placing handcuffs on a 5-year-old child gently. Both of these actions go against most police department's policies. However, defining police brutality is a case-by-case analysis, most of which [...]

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Can I Get Deported if I’m Charged With a Crime While in the Process of Getting My Visa?

That all depends on how one entered the country, it depends on the severity of the crime, it depends on if the local jail has a policy of calling ICE when they suspect one is undocumented.  Normally, one is not deported unless that person is found guilty of the crime first. If the person [...]

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What Types Of Bail Can The Court Set?

Bail is money or other property that is deposited with the court to ensure that the person accused will return to court when he or she is required to do so. If the defendant returns to court as required, the bail will be returned at the end of the case, even if the defendant [...]

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Defending Against Maryland Firearms Charges

The defense of firearms and illegal weapons charges can be difficult because these offenses—with the exception of possessing criminal instruments—do not involve the issue of criminal intent. Usually, a prosecutor needs to prove that you acted with criminal intent, also known as men's rea. But with most weapons charges, the mere possession of the [...]

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What You Should Know About Campus Crimes

In College Park, Bowie, Baltimore, Towson and other campus communities throughout Maryland, it’s common for students and campus visitors to have run-ins with local law enforcement. Although many of these infractions are minor, there are numerous instances where students who run afoul of the law find themselves facing significant fines, jail time or expulsion from [...]

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