Unfortunately, domestic violence exists in every type of relationship and in every community. Abuse may include harassment, stalking, assault, and physical violence, sexual abuse, and neglect. Harassment and abuse may also take place outside of a dating or domestic relationship, including in the workplace, housing, or an educational institution.

Law enforcement is under pressure to take domestic violence situations very seriously. The police will likely err on the side of caution and arrest at least one party after a 911 call. Whether you have been arrested or charged, representation can make a critical difference in the outcome of your case.

Many people charged with domestic violence do not realize that the state will typically pursue the case even if the accuser drops the charges. You cannot rely on the hope that the charges will be dismissed. It is better to put an experienced defense lawyer on your side. Tell us about your domestic crimes charge. To schedule a free and confidential consultation with us, please call 301-309-3669 or cell 240-604-6405.

What counts as abuse, for a protective order being issued against you?

  • An act that causes serious bodily harm (e.g., kicking, punching, choking/strangling, shoving, shooting, hitting with an object, stabbing, or biting);
  • An act that places a person in fear of imminent serious bodily harm (including threats of harm);
  • Assault;
  • Rape or sexual assault (including attempts);
  • False imprisonment;
  • Mental injury to a minor child; or
  • Stalking.

Have more questions? Check out our Domestic Violence FAQ page or contact us now.

Most domestic violence cases involve protective orders (temporary restraining orders). In Maryland, these may be issued as stay-away or no-violence orders. If a full or stay-away protective order is issued against you, you will be ordered to have no contact with the accuser. This may mean that you must move out of your home and that you may not have contact with your children while the order is in effect.

We will represent you at protective order hearings and argue against the order being made permanent. If you violate a protective or restraining order, you can be sentenced to jail or prison and may face a hefty fine.

Pleading guilty to or being convicted of domestic violence will likely take away your right to own firearms. You may also face a jail or prison sentence and/or probation.

Because we also have family law experience, we understand that you may have been falsely accused in an attempt to discredit you in a divorce or custody case. In these circumstances, we will work to demonstrate your innocence and the accuser’s motives for the accusations.

Again, to schedule a free and confidential consultation with us, please call 301-309-3669 or cell 240-604-6405.


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