Client Asks: I Just Got a DUI and Am Trying to Get My Green Card. Do I Even Have a Shot?

SURE YOU DO!!! Green card applications are judged based on a range of eligibility requirements that evaluate the applicant’s profession, family situation, and criminal background, among many other factors. Certain crimes on your record can be the basis for green card denial. So, can a DUI conviction prevent you from obtaining a green card? [...]

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Can I Get Deported if I’m Charged With a Crime While in the Process of Getting My Visa?

That all depends on how one entered the country, it depends on the severity of the crime, it depends on if the local jail has a policy of calling ICE when they suspect one is undocumented.  Normally, one is not deported unless that person is found guilty of the crime first. If the person [...]

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What Happens At A Preliminary Hearing?

Every person who is charged by the warrant is entitled to a preliminary hearing. If a person remains in jail, he or she is entitled to a preliminary hearing, usually within 10 days of arrest. If a person is released from jail on bond, he or she is entitled to a preliminary hearing within [...]

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